Modi's peaceful morning at Kaziranga Park in Assam, from riding on elephants to feeding them sugar cane


The mighty Kaziranga National Park in Assam, renowned for its one-horned rhinoceros, recently played host to India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. In a visit that showcased the conservation efforts and vibrant wildlife of the park, PM Modi took part in a series of activities that brought him up close with the park’s majestic inhabitants. Join us as we take a visual journey through the Prime Minister’s engaging morning spent amidst nature and wildlife at Assam’s pride, Kaziranga.

The Elephantine Welcome

Prime Minister Modi’s visit began with a unique welcome ceremony. Upon his arrival, he was greeted by the gentle giants of the park. Dressed in traditional attire, the elephants stood as silent, grand hosts. The PM did not miss the opportunity to interact with these magnificent creatures. There, surrounded by the lush greenery and under the vast expanse of the northeastern sky, he embarked on an elephant ride, an experience that took him through the diverse flora and fauna of the park. Photo captures from this segment showed the leader riding atop an elephant, with a wide grin, truly enjoying the moment.

Conservation Talks Amidst Wilderness

During his excursion, the spotlight was on the discourse regarding wildlife conservation. PM Modi held discussions with park authorities and environmental experts, gaining insights into the efforts being made to preserve Kaziranga’s ecosystems. These interactions were of paramount significance, pointing toward crucial policy decisions that could shape the future of wildlife conservation in India. Informative discourse encompassed both the challenges faced and the progressive strategies being implemented for the sustenance of the park’s biodiversity.

A Sugary Affair: The Sweet Gesture

One of the most heartwarming parts of the visit was when Prime Minister Modi took the time to feed the elephants. Visuals from the moment showed him offering sugar cane to the friendly beasts, a gesture that reflected the affection and care for wildlife. It was a picturesque scene, with the Prime Minister surrounded by these mighty yet serene animals. The close interaction symbolized the harmonious relationship between humans and nature, and the images were a testament to the gentle side of leadership.

A Glimpse at the Wild Side

PM Modi also took the opportunity to explore the wide array of wildlife that the park is famous for. Kaziranga is home to a host of species, including tigers, elephants, panthers, bears, and of course, the iconic one-horned rhinoceros. The Prime Minister’s tour included observing these species in their natural habitat, underlining the park’s success in providing a safe haven for endangered and vulnerable animals.

Envisioning a Green Future

The Prime Minister’s visit to Kaziranga National Park concluded with a forward-looking vision that underscored the importance of conservation efforts for the environment. Sharing his experiences with the nation, Modi emphasized the need for preserving such ecological treasures. It was a day that brought into focus the delicate balance between human advancement and environmental sustainability, illustrating India’s commitment to nurturing its natural heritage for generations to come.

Indeed, the photographs and snippets from this eventful morning painted a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s enchanting experiences in the wilds of Assam and his pledge towards conserving India’s rich biodiversity. From riding on elephants to feeding them, the visit reflected an elegant tapestry of nature and human connection, creating indelible memories and setting a precedent for conservation-focused leadership.

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