Shri Sonatan Ghosh, an International Award winning author is honoured with “Most Inspirable Author of the Year”

KOLKATA, INDIA : Shri Sonatan Ghosh, an International Award winning author has already written 10 books including his autobiography on English grammar & writing . His two books have already been published in London, United Kingdom and other 70 countries and all over the world. He also has inspired a lot of students in studies. For this great contribution in the field of education Kolkata, India based Aranya Bangla Foundation honours him with “Most Inspirable Author of the Year” at Science City, Kolkata.

A Visionary Educator from West Bengal

Hailing from West Bengal, India, Mr. Ghosh embarked on a transformative journey in education in 1998 when he founded the “English Centre” with a mission to revolutionize English education and empower students to overcome language learning challenges. Celebrating its 25th anniversary on January 5, 2022, the English Centre marks a quarter-century of dedication to the noble cause of education.

Literary Contributions and Milestones

Mr. Ghosh’s literary journey includes the publication of his autobiography, “THE PEN-PICTURE OF HIS LIFE – TUITION,” a captivating narrative that encapsulates his educational odyssey. This literary milestone coincides with the silver jubilee of the English Centre, commemorating 25 years of unwavering commitment to fostering learning and growth.

Educational Journey and Achievements

Sonatan Ghosh’s educational journey began at home with the support of his parents and brothers. From Anishmali Purba Para Primary School to Sarishadanga Dr. Shyama Prosad High School (H.S.), he excelled academically, culminating in his Higher Secondary Examinations in 1998. Notably, he achieved the highest marks among male students at Ranaghat College, marking the beginning of his academic distinctions.

Driven by a passion for English literature, he pursued higher education at Bangaon Dinabandhu Mahavidyala, affiliated with Calcutta University, where he earned a master’s degree (M.A.) in English and completed the D.E.L.T. Course. Witnessing peers struggle with English during his college days, he resolved to address this challenge and empower students to excel in English education. This commitment led to the establishment of the “English Centre.”

Expanding Horizons: From Four Students to Over 13000

What started with four students has grown exponentially, encompassing over 12,516 students from 30 schools and 89 villages by January 23, 2024. Each student represents a success story, contributing to the legacy of the English Centre. In 2002, he established the “Unique Coaching Center” and in 2016, the “Swamiji Mission.” He also introduced the “Srishti Talent Search Exam” in 2017 and served as its Exam-controller.

Recognition and Accolades

Mr. Ghosh’s enduring dedication to education has garnered numerous awards and accolades. In 2020, he was honored with the “Education Excellence Award” by the K.I.T.E.S. organization in Delhi. Further international recognition came with the “Inspirational Educator Honour” from Nigeria in 2021 and the “Contribution to the Research & Development in Academic 2022-23” award from Indonesia.

His accolades include:

  • Education Excellence Awards from New Delhi (2020, 2021)
  • Inspirational Educator Honour from Nigeria (2021)
  • Kites Wisdom Award (2021)
  • Yuva Innovative Educator Award (2021)
  • All India Conference 2021 Award
  • International Conference Awards 2021
  • National Education Excellence Achiever Awards from Pune (2022)
  • Award for Contribution to Research and Development in Academic from Indonesia (2023)
  • International Award-Winning Co-Author from London (2023)

Authorship and Publications

Mr. Ghosh has authored seven books on English grammar and writing, including:

  • Father of Tense & Sentence (2006)
  • Automatic Success on Poems (2007)
  • Way to English (2013)
  • Step to English (2013)
  • Short Cut of English Grammar (2013)
  • English Grammar Innovation (2021)
  • Writing Skill Improvement (2023)
  • Relationship Matters Vol.4 (2023, co-authored and published in London, United Kingdom)
  • Writing Skill Improvement (English version published in London, United Kingdom 2024)
  • The pen-picture of my life-Tuition (My biography 2024)

These publications have further solidified his reputation as a leading educator and author.

A Vision for the Future

Reflecting on his 27-year journey in education since 1998, Mr. Ghosh’s optimism for the future of education in India remains unwavering. He believes education is at the forefront of national priorities, capable of catalyzing positive change across all sectors of the economy. The English Centre continues to stand as a beacon of quality education, a testament to the transformative power of dedicated teaching and learning.

Mr. Ghosh’s message to all: “Together, let us continue to shape the future through the power of education, instilling knowledge, and fostering a love for learning that transcends generations.”

Sonatan Ghosh: Empowering Minds, Shaping Futures.

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